The Youth Development Team purpose is to strengthen communication mechanisms between young people in the town and local decision-makers.  The Stranraer Youth Development Team (SYDT) members gain real-life project management experience and develop key employability skills such as problem-solving, organisation, time-management, planning, teamwork and leadership as well as social skills such as confidence, self-efficacy, risk-taking, tolerance, resilience and citizenship.  These skills cascaded to a wider youth audience through world-class events designed to engage as many young people in the wider Stranraer community as possible.

The ethos of inclusion that is prioritised and the SYDT inspire a diverse range of young people in its constituency, with the goal that the SYDT creates cohesiveness between individuals to work in harmony with existing youth organisations in the town. To the extent that young people become active stakeholders in the regeneration of their town and in doing so present themselves as an attractive, dynamic young workforce to potential employers and future investors in Stranraer. It is hoped that through exposure to exciting and meaningful projects the group will engage with some key concerns affecting young people in rural locations such as Dumfries and Galloway, for example enterprise, transport, internet access, social spaces and access to sport, environmental issues, sustainable job opportunities in the changing face of village and town life.

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Stranraer Development Trust plays a leading role in revitalising the Stranraer economy by creating a better experience and more opportunities for residents and visitors through instilling pride, growth and opportunity within our community.